Fragrant Cherry   
What about green tea with a hint of fruity flavor, and aroma of cherry?
   Popcorn Oolong   
What else can one ask for in high quality milk oolong? Alot!
Smoky tastes in quality oolong does not have to be austere!
   black bean   



Oolong Inc. is a lot more than oolong. We are imagineers and engineers of tea. Operating from a state of the art facility in Taiwan, our lab invents and develops new tea flavors. Subsequently, we convert them into scalable production process. We are the backbone of many busy beverage chains, as well as small quantity boutique brands.

Whether you are starting a business, or adding tea to your existing brand or sales channel, we want to be your partner. If you have a taste in mind, let us develop it for you. If you need high quality tea with large quantity and consistency, we can also help.
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A Glimpse of our Repertoire

Osmanthus Oolong
Lychee Black Tea
Popcorn Oolong
Lavender Black Tea
Orange Black Tea
Charcoal Roast Oolong
Fruit Punch Black Tea
Bao Jong Oolong
Rooibos Fruit Punch
Brown Rice Green Tea
Apple Black Tea
Black Bean Oolong